Green Hive work alongside businesses to create long lasting powerful learning experiences that generate improved employee well-being.
Our innovative solutions benefit not only the individuals attending our programmes
and their organisation, but are also responsible in their nature through the connection
with local communities and the environment.

What we do

Leadership & Team Development

Leadership & Team Development

Developing an individual's strengths to lead others effectively using the appropriate style, and working closely with real teams to achieve higher performance

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing to life an organisation's CSR vision and values through partnering with community organisations for mutual benefit and maximum engagement

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Well Being<br />

Well Being

Working with people to ensure that their quality of life at work is as high as possible by raising awareness of what matters most to the organisation and individual, and how to achieve this

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How we do it


Through a consultative design process, the learning solutions will be developed to meet your organisational needs and relate directly to the working lives of the individuals themselves. There is no 'off the shelf' solution. However, our experience in learning design means that we will bring plenty of ideas to the table

Experiential Learning

Through learning by doing, behaviours and actions can be better realised. The group development activities selected will be engaging and challenging. By facilitating the group dialogue following development activities, the relevance and importance of that learning for the individual and organisation will be achieved

Community Partnerships

By partnering with local community organisations, the learning activities become real and consequential. Participants are required to deliver a quality result to a customer through stakeholder consultation, solution design and effective implementation. This means that there is a triple win for business through living Corporate Social Responsibility vision and values, for individuals through having a powerful learning experiences and for a local community in need of assistance. Our experience at Green Hive means we can manage all of the community partner sourcing and logistics

Outdoor Adventure

Through connecting with the natural landscape by adventure, powerful learning opportunities exist. Our location in the beautiful English Lake District means that adventure is easy to find on our doorstep. Our network of professional outdoor instructors will ensure that not only will the activities feel challenging and exciting, but also safe and well managed

Working with people is at the heart of what we do at Green Hive. We develop an individual’s strengths to lead others effectively using the appropriate style and work closely with real teams to achieve higher performance.

Leadership Development

Leadership-TeamsAs individual careers progress, the need to provide leadership to others grows. There are many thousands of books and theories on leadership available, many of which list a number of traits of a great leader. At Green Hive we believe that leadership is not about demonstrating that someone has a particular trait, but is something that is more individual and specific for their situation. All of us have our own style preferences when providing leadership. In order to be a more effective leader it is essential that we understand what our preferred style is, how that impacts upon others and what our strengths are. Once this greater self awareness is realised, existing strengths can be developed and development areas better understood.

Leadership can be provided by anyone within an organisation, not just those in senior positions. Our method of working involves creating challenging situations that can be related to current business needs. We also create the best possible environment for learning through our expert facilitators. This involves establishing a safe and constructive environment, one that encourages both feedback and self disclosure. By providing repeated opportunities to provide leadership through experiential learning activities, behaviours can be practiced and feedback received. All of this will provide the individual with the information to inform positive change.

Our style of leadership development at Green Hive blends various learning methods. This includes:

  • Relevant input of leadership theory where appropriate such as situational leadership, action centred leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Experiential learning activities that will allow for leadership opportunities and feedback upon personal style
  • Group dialogue, either virtual or face to face, facilitated by our expert team


Team Development

Business teams are under increasing pressures to deliver results with fewer resources and greater stakeholder demands. Real working teams must find a common purpose to provide direction and drive. Teams develop through a number of different stages as researched by Tuckman, from the initial team forming through a challenging phase of ideas competition termed storming which can be resolved in a norming phase. The final phase is where a team becomes high performing, but in order to do this the team must have the right environment and method of working.

To help teams along this journey from forming to high performing, Green Hive can help through raising awareness of the success drivers and blockers to achieving that success. We achieve this through creating an environment of openness and honesty, which means that challenging conversations are able to be had and a team working code of conduct can be created. It is important that the challenging experiential activities we complete are related to business actions that the team can implement and will progress them along the journey to higher performance.

Our style of team development at Green Hive includes:

  • Stakeholder interviews in order to fully understand the challenges and needs of the team
  • Team based learning activities that may involve a community partner or outdoor adventure
  • The input of relevant team theory such as Tuckman’s group forming process or Katzenbach and Smith’s high performing teams theory


Corporate Social Responsibility

Business’ can no longer operate in isolation of their surroundings. Regulation, environmental pressures and social awareness have provided the need for change. It is now essential that organisations not only attempt to minimise their impacts, but provide a net positive impact.

 It is essential for organisations to retain talent and provide the right kind of environment for employees to grow and fully contribute to the organisation. Today’s work force needs to feel proud of the organisation they work for. They want to be challenged and supported to achieve their goals. They want their organisation to be socially and environmentally responsible. They want to feel that their organisation wants to invest in them as an individual.

Green Hive will help to develop CSR visions and values through the creation of bespoke employee engagement programmes. We make our programmes innovative and exciting by partnering with relevant local community organisationsin need of help. The projects that are completed will challenge individuals and teams, helping them to feel the personal impact of your business’ values for themselves.

We help bring CSR visions and values to life by:

  • Creating powerful experiences that connect employees with local communities and environments
  • Partnering with local community organisations to create shared value for your employees, business and the community partners
  • Managing all aspects of the solution including partner sourcing, management, logistics, health and safety and facilitation of experiences in the moment they happen to ensure the transfer of learning


Well Being

Well beingAt Green Hive we believe that people want to work in the best possible environment. The work – life balance is correct when it feels as though there is nothing to balance, one seamlessly merges into another. In order to have this kind of mindset, the working environment must be one that enables all employees to feel valued and energised. Through having a motivated and engaged workforce, employee productivity and business results will be improved. A culture of well being at work is supported through opportunities to connect with social issues, local communities and health and safety.

In order to determine what drives employee well being, it is important to understand what are the individual needs and what the impacts of positive change will have upon productivity and motivation. At Green Hive we take a holistic approach to well being at work, looking at all factors that may play a part. By taking the participants on a number of differing experiences, personal preferences can be better understood. One to one and group conversation helps to focus these preferences, with the opportunity to learn from others and gain new ideas to take back to the workplace.

At Green Hive we help develop well being at work by:

  • Using a coaching approach to help participants better understand their own personal drivers
  • Giving a wide range of differing experiences to help better understand personal preferences
  • Encouraging the sharing of experience, ideas and innovation through facilitated sessions


What makes Green Hive unique is that our approach is centred around the needs of our clients,
whilst placing those needs in the context of the wider community and environment within
which they work. Working with Green Hive begins with gaining a deep understanding
of the challenges your organisation face. We focus on well being at work, individual
strengths and sustainable results. At Green Hive we live our own values through
volunteering our time to local communities in need and being a member of
1% for the Planet through donating 1% of profits to environmental organisations.

1 percent for the planet



What our clients say!

Why Green Hive?
Why Green Hive?

What makes Green Hive unique is that our approach is centred around the needs of our clients, whilst placing those needs in the context of the wider community and environment within which they work. Working with Green Hive begins with gaining a deep understanding of the challenges your organisation face. We focus on well being at work, individual strengths and sustainable results. At Green Hive we live our own values through volunteering our time to local communities in need and being a member of 1% for the Planet through donating 1% of profits to environmental organisations.

Scott Rose
Scott Rose
Founder and Director of Green Hive Consulting

Scott has been working in the outdoor and development training sectors since 2000. He started his working life as an Ecologist before moving on to work with a number of NGO's and businesses. He has experience working with groups of all sizes from 4 up to 1000 and at all levels from Interns to Director. His areas of expertise lie in large and complex experiential programmes, bringing an organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility vision to life. He has worked with clients from concept and ideas stages through to design and delivery phases. Scott is of the firm belief that an organisation's CSR values need to go beyond words to actions that positively influence lasting social and environmental change.

The Team
The Team

Scott works with a number of talented and inspiring associate facilitators and coaches whose skills and style will be matched to best meet the needs of your organisation. Scott also works with a number of qualified outdoor professionals who help to provide high quality and safe experiences. The Green Hive team work in a high performing environment and all staff are able to provide a good balance of being able to provide challenge and support as needed.

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